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About Us

Welcome to Amazing Acres. Down on the farm we are always busy. Our farm currently produces tobacco, strawberries, hay and all types of farm livestock, most of which are raised and spoiled rotten with love.

Along with livestock, you will be able to experience some of Kentucky's wild side with the hands on care our ever changing variety of Kentucky wildlife being cared for by Natalie Wells Allison, state licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. Due to human imprinting and injuries, some of the animals brought to the farm become a permanent part of the ever-growing family. Yes, family! Most all of the animals are spoiled rotten and love to be petted.

Natalie has been a rehabilitator since she was 4 years old when she kept her pet flies in a match box. Her love for animals along with many blessings from God, has led to the creation of the family farm being turned into teaching tools of heritage experiences and up close and personal experiences with wildlife. We hope you will give us a chance to share our blessings with you by coming to visit our farm.

Below is a list of activities that we try to have available for group tours of at least 10 or more people. Activities may change without notice due to circumstances beyond our control, but your tour will be fun and educational for all.

  • When in season, pick a pumpkin from the patch.
  • Take a group picture in front of the 8' tall Pumpkin House that Jack built.
  • Milk a "Cow" at the Milking Shed and learn interesting facts about cows.
  • See the antique farm equipment at the "Tool Shed" - Sorghum mill, Apple cider mill, mule drawn equipment, hand tools, buggy wagon, plows, hay rake, corn stalk chopper.
  • See our old telephone collection.
  • Feed the fish at the pond.
  • See Kentucky's largest Wooden Buffalo Nickel and learn about its history.
  • Take a picture with Sam & Sally Scarecrow.
  • Ride the wagon around the farm with Paw Archie.
  • Churn butter from cow's milk and see our old mild bottle and churn collection.
  • See how a recycled plastic bottle is turned into fabric.
  • Pump water at the Well Pump and see who wins the Rubber Ducky race.
  • Wash clothes without electricity.
  • Shuck and shell corn on 100 year old equipment made in Clarksville, TN.
  • Grind corn with our mortar and pestals on the 100 year old Grist Mill.
  • Pump Irons with antique flat and sad irons on the old wooden ironing board.
  • Visit the Out Houses to learn why there is a half moon on the door and corn cobs hanging inside.
  • Learn about Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release.
  • See our "Eggs from the Farm" display.
  • Play on our Big ole pile of Dirt.
  • Find your State Symbols.
  • See the 30+ year McDonald Happy Meal Toy Collection.

*If you have any "old junk" lying around that would fit at the farm, we would love to have it. It will NOT be sold for profit. We are always looking for farm equipment and household goods to use as teaching toos for the children.


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