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Farm Activities

  • When in season, pick a pumpkin, strawberry or blueberry from the patch.
  • Take a group picture in front of the 8' tall Pumpkin House that Jack built.

  • Milk a "Cow" at the Milking Shed and learn interesting facts about cows.

  • See the antique farm equipment at the "Tool Shed" - Sorghum mill, Apple cider mill, mule drawn equipment, hand tools, buggy wagon, plows, hay rake, corn stalk chopper.
  • See our old telephone collection.
  • Feed the fish at the pond.

  • See Kentucky's largest Wooden Buffalo Nickel and learn about its history.
  • Take a picture with Sam & Sally Scarecrow.
  • Ride the wagon around the farm with Paw Archie.

  • Churn butter from cow's milk and see our old mild bottle and churn collection.
  • Mow a yard - the real way with antique equipment.

  • Pump water at the Well Pump and see who wins the Rubber Ducky race.
  • Wash clothes without electricity and learn about the "Soapsuds Brigade Ladies."
  • Shuck and shell corn on 100 year old equipment made in Clarksville, TN.

  • Grind corn with our mortar and pestals on the 100 year old Grist Mill.
  • Pump Irons with antique flat and sad irons on the old wooden ironing board.
  • Visit the Out Houses to learn why there is a half moon on the door and corn cobs hanging inside.

  • Learn what's in your food with our Wheat, Corn, Soybean, and Cotton Seed Display.
  • Learn about Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release.
  • See our "Eggs from the Farm" display.
  • Find your State Symbols.
  • See the 30+ year McDonald Happy Meal Toy Collection.


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